Aeria organise un chat avec les developeur

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Aeria organise un chat avec les developeur

Message par MASTER le Jeu 29 Nov 2007, 22:51

Plus d'info ici

1h heure francaise (1h10 apres le poste))


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Re: Aeria organise un chat avec les developeur

Message par MASTER le Ven 30 Nov 2007, 03:10

<@Brannoc> You may begin sending your game related questions to me by typing /msg Brannoc My question here

<@Brannoc> You only need to send it once - and even though I don't reply I assure you I got it!

<@Brannoc> Welcome to today's House of Commons chat with the developers of Dream of Mirror Online!

<@Brannoc> To submit a question type /msg Brannoc My question
here! - questions sent to the developers will not be answered! We'll be
doing a general chat today so any questions on the game are welcome.

<@Brannoc> We'll begin with a brief introduction from our
guests and then jump straight into the questions. The full logs will be
available at shortly afterward.

<@RyogaVee> hello

<@RyogaVee> Hello, send words of welcome to all this here
Thugnificents Ryoga Vee, AKA Shin Ryoga, AKA, H.R. Paper Stacks, AKA,
Louis Rich… you get the idea.

<@RyogaVee> Im pretty much the face of the community here at DoMo at Aeria Game

<@Brannoc> *Xelescence* will the whisper system be improved?

<@Dmonster> hi

<@Dmonster> This is DOMO producer

<@Dmonster> for NA

<@RyogaVee> I work as a GM, the lead on localization, and assistant to the art department.

<@Dmonster> The level cap of domo is 60, however with the
current release content, it will be very hard to get to that level

<@Dmonster> IP block was perform due to Softstar's request

<@Dmonster> and GameTribe made Softstar to make us block EU IPs

<@Brannoc> *Weltall* When is DOMO OB coming out?

<@RyogaVee> Good news on that one, DoMo is expected to go open Beta Tomorrow

<@RyogaVee> We have all worked tirelessly many long hours to prepare the build for "human consumption"

<@RyogaVee> So, the servers should be back up tomorrow evening, Monday at the very latest

<@Brannoc> *Urusei_Yatsura* What about IP Block on EU states???

<@RyogaVee> Thats a Great question

<@RyogaVee> As you all might know, there is an implemented IP both on both NA and EU domo

<@RyogaVee> On our end, this completely caught us off guard.

<@RyogaVee> We here at Aeria games believe in the openness of
the community. Our games are played by almost a million players around
the world.

<@RyogaVee> So, this block not only hurts our players be us as a company, and the community as a whole.

<@RyogaVee> So that there is no confusion I want it to ne known that this IP ban was requested by Game Tribe.

<@RyogaVee> We tried to discuss the situation with them but on their end it was refused.

<@RyogaVee> It was their pressure on to Soft star that lead
to this series of unfortunate events, and we are very apologetic.

<@RyogaVee> We will do everything in our power from our end
to have this IP ban lifted. It's not fair for anyone involved.
<@RyogaVee> We understand that players in both regions are upset. And we sympathize.

<@RyogaVee> In the mean time...

<@RyogaVee> We welcome any discussion this matter. No matter
where you stand on the issue you are welcome to vent and nearly all
related topics in the matter will be forwarded to Softstar for review.

<@Brannoc> *Miyuki* Is the game script staying the way it is? Or was changes made for OB/final release?

<@RyogaVee> Yes, the core of the game as for a localization
is staying the same, however, it will be added upon as we move forward.

<@Brannoc> *Own* When will classes such as Fencer, etc be implemented, and will Dancer be showing up any time soon?

<@RyogaVee> The Fencer class will not be available at the launch of OB, and is likely to get a name change.

<@RyogaVee> As for the Dancer, I personally want it in ASAP.

<@RyogaVee> But it’s going through some changes on the
development side. And I’ll be inputting some suggestions on that. So,
if I had to guess, id say, 2-3 months

<@RyogaVee> But dont quote me on that...

<@Brannoc> *Sheapy* Is Gu Wizard being contemplated on release?

<@RyogaVee> Not for OB, but, im sure it will make its way in time.

<@Brannoc> *snares* what kind of custom content can we hope to see in your version of DOMO

<@RyogaVee> Boy oh boy, where do I start.

<@RyogaVee> Well, naturally we would like to have a more,
Americanized feel to the game. We noticed a lot of sports related item
mall outfits.

<@RyogaVee> So, expect somewhere down the like a homegrown American sport to be represented in the game.

<@RyogaVee> But I’m sure you are more interested in content such as quests. and new mobs

<@RyogaVee> I’m personally overseeing this, and while I don’t
have a time line as to when it might happen. It will happen.
<@RyogaVee> Expect the best of our creative department to give
their all to bring a unique experience to Domo for NA players

<@Brannoc> *Fritz* Will the flying system be modified for open beta?

<@RyogaVee> No plans of such, however I’m sure if we get some suggestions in the Aeria Games forums we’ll look into them.

<@Brannoc> *ImmortalGhost* How do you tell gamesages in game?

<@RyogaVee> For that that don’t know, Aeria Games has a Game Sage program.

<@RyogaVee> It’s pretty much out litter pick of volunteers that assist of in game.

<@RyogaVee> The are a tremendous asset and advantage to our company

<@RyogaVee> They are also on the lookout for fraudulent
activities, they report in game abuse to use. And moderate in game
<@RyogaVee> They are our eyes and ears when we came be there.

<@RyogaVee> Right now I’ve personally designed a flag for game sages. Those that people know where to find them.

<@RyogaVee> If I can, I’ll likely give them a unique glow like they have in our other top game "Last Chaos".

<@Brannoc> *PhantomBurn* Are there going to be changes to the
camera settings? For example, will there be a setting to set the camera
permanatly behind your character?

<@RyogaVee> Currently there are no plans the change the
camera settings and functions. However, I do think it needs to be
looked at.
<@RyogaVee> No promises, but it will be brought up to development.

<@Brannoc> *gYno* any plan to implement long distance party
invites without having to have that person in your friend list?

<@RyogaVee> No plans yet… I personally did not think that was
an issue. For things of that nature I would advise using the suggestion
forums at

<@Brannoc> *Henomatari* What relation does 'Starsoft' have with Aeriagames?

<@RyogaVee> As we speak, representatives of Soft Star are in a room nearby.

<@RyogaVee> We flew them out abd hosted them this week here in Santa Clara, CA.

<@RyogaVee> They are havign a great time enjoying American
culture, partying, and giving us an added hand in the launch of DoMo.
<@RyogaVee> While they are the developer and we are the publisher
we try to have a more personal relationship with any and all partied we
work with.

<@Brannoc> *Bartz|the|sprite* What type of future are you hoping
DOMO will hold, what type of expecations are you all at AeriaGames
wanting it to meet? Also, what type of changes are you planning on
attempting right now - are you able to release any sneak bits of info
for us?

<@RyogaVee> No one knows the future, unless you are Ms. Cleo, however I have a sinking sensation that chicks not Jamaican.

<@RyogaVee> However, we all here at Aeria Games see a bright future with DoMo.

<@RyogaVee> Our marketing department is going above and beyond in out plans to make DoMo the best is can absolutely be.

<@RyogaVee> As for a sneak bits, hmmm.

<@RyogaVee> If you go to any local Anime Cons in the Bay Area, you’ll be impressed, thats all I can say.

<@Brannoc> Ok folks that's it for this one I'm afraid! Thanks for joining us; #Doma will remain open for chat.

<@Brannoc> #Domo that is!

<@RyogaVee> As for those questions I did not answer, some were bug related that I don’t have detailed information on.

<@RyogaVee> Truth in my words that we are working day and night to fix and resolved any and all issues.

<@RyogaVee> ok, Goodbye!

<@RyogaVee> thank you all for coming

<@RyogaVee> we'll see you in the dream


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